Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Long time, lots to eat

No, I haven't died. Still living in San Francisco, only now it's on the other side of town. I guess anywhere is kind of "the other side of town" compared to North Beach though. So now when I step out my front door, I don't manuver my way between smoking patrons of Gino and Carlo and passed out bums in Jasper Alley. I instead carefully carry my bike down our insanely steep stone stairs, turn the corner and find myself in Golden Gate Park. Well, the panhandle really. It's windier over here. Everyone has a dog. And instead of being tempted by friends sitting outside of Del Uva drinking wine on a tuesday afternoon, I hike up to Buena Vista Park or ride around GG Park. It's like I'm growing up or something.

Oh, and a barbecue came with the house. So did a really big, pretty backyard (along with some pretty young, pretty loud kids living upstairs). So I have dubbed this the best summer ever, even though it's still raining, because we will be grilling and entertaining like crazy all summer (and san francisco summers last til November). Already we have held a legit shrimp boil for my B-day, a very successful housewarming dinner party featuring shrimp and skirt steak fajitas, one Bay to Breakers waffle and sausage breakfast (ala Wet Hot American Summer) and at least two fattoush feasts. I love fattoush because it feeds lots of people and is very flavorful and good for you.

(Middle Eastern Salad)

Cut up a package of pita bread into triangles. Put on baking sheet and bake on 350 til crispy...around 15 mins.

Depending on how many people, pan sear salmon filets in a little oil with s+p. I go with about a half pound per person. And just a couple minutes on each side. You can also bake the salmon for about 10 mins at 350. Just drizzle with oil and s+p.

In big bowl combine:
chopped romaine (1.5 heads)
kalamata olives (1 cup)
chopped red onion(1)
peeled and chopped cucumber (1)
chopped fresh mint (1 cup)
crumbled feta
chopped fresh parsley and cilantro (1/2 cup each)
chopped tomatoes (4)

Top with the salmon, pita chips, and a lemony vinegrette. Enjoy!